Our Company

Segi Value Holdings

Our company’s business philosophy is one that is unique in its own way but yet simple. By creating value. Since its inception, Segi Group has travelled many uncharted courses but today, our focus is clear and direction is charted against our corporate vision : To be the largest fresh food retailer in Malaysia.
Segi’s mission of offering Full Fresh and Local Taste Products for Our Customer, will also see us focusing on freshness of our produce, while increasing the local taste products which suits our target customers.

Our Vision

To be the largest fresh food retailer in Malaysia

Our Mission

Offering full fresh and local taste products for our customer everyday

Our Core Value

  • Excellence
  • Team Work
  • Passion
  • Problem Solving
  • Integrity

Our Management Message


Non-Executive Chairman

    Segi Group has a rich history and has grown from a single wholesale market in Selayang to double-digit stores in the Klang Valley today. This reflects the company's modest and confident approach to serving the people in our industry. Staying true to core values of teamwork, integrity, passion and excellence has been crucial to our success.

    Despite challenges in the business and retail environment, the company believes in long-term value creation through talented and committed people. We will continue to bring in matching talents at all levels to meet the company’s desire for growth. Rooted in the philosophy of "We must be humble, but also filled with confidence", we are embarking on the quest towards our corporate vision by executing our mission plans and objectives of creating value for the community, consumers and suppliers. The aim is to be a good neighbour to the people and the community where Segi operates.

    The company reaffirms its continued commitment towards excellence in all we do by bringing value to customers, partners, and the community, as they take another step closer to realising their vision. Semangat Segi, Semangat Boleh!



     Segi Group operates Segi Fresh retail and wholesale supermarkets, focusing on low-income and B40 customer demographics with Muslim-friendly business practices. We offer locally sourced halal chicken and beef that are in accordance with Hukum Syara’, prioritising cleanliness and safety, and supporting local small and medium-sized entrepreneurs while striving for sustainable logistics.

     Our objective is not solely to provide fresh, safe seafood and agricultural produce. It is also part of our aim to reduce unemployment through the provision of job opportunities and driving the local economy. We offer career development opportunities for the local youth and support community initiatives like Ehsan Kit and Food Bank's "Jom Kongsi Rezeki" as part of our CSR programme.

     We believe in giving back to the community beyond our business operations and are committed to supporting local communities and generating positive social and economic impact.



     From its inception, Segi Group's business philosophy has always been to create value for its customers and communities. The company has come a long way since, and now focuses on becoming the largest fresh food retailer in Malaysia. Segi's unique business model is built on a platform for organic growth, taking advantage of the resilient industry, strong demand for agribusiness and growing population. The company's success is attributed to its promise of bringing value through cost-effectiveness and the successful transformation of its business model in recent years.

     Segi will continue to grow organically while seeking inorganic opportunities, following prudent practices. The company is dedicated to creating value by supplying fresh products directly from farmers and fishermen and supporting local vendors through its in-store range of local taste products. With multiple business lines to strategically support its ecosystem, Segi Fresh, Segi Group’s retail and wholesale supermarket outfit, is an up-and-coming player in the Malaysian retail sector known for its tight profit margins and intense competition. The company's growth and expansion plans are already set in motion. Our sights are set on hitting the milestone of 100 stores by the end of 2023, with an ambitious goal of doubling that number to 200 stores by 2025. We are well on our way to making this happen. So, if Segi Fresh isn't in your neighbourhood yet, it is only a matter of time before one pops-up near you!

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